Friday, October 07, 2011

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Jobs was born out of wedlock to two graduate students, and was adopted by an Armenian-American couple rather than aborted or raised by a single mom. Armenians (Christians) themselves had been slaughtered by the Turks (Moslems) and some escaped to the U.S. His birthfather was a Syrian immigrant. How the threads of ethnicity and history are woven in the United States where freedom to live and explore and invent come together!

As Jobs' life was slipping away this week, thousands of ungrateful, whiny, manipulated college students, using his inventions which made him incredibly wealthy--with more cash than our government--protested in "Occupy Wall Street" on the streets of New York and campuses all around the very country and values that gave him that opportunity. They want "redistribution" (aka communism) of other people's wealth, whereas Steve Jobs dropped out of college and went out and created wealth and jobs. Maybe we need a few drop-outs from that "Occupy Wall Street" crowd to go out and do some real work like cashiering or flipping burgers and put their faculty in the unemployment lines.

Steve Jobs, brilliant entrepreneur, however, was a moral midget and cad himself. He had an out of wedlock daughter with his high school girl friend and denied paternity for years, so his daughter was raised with the help of his fellow Californians on welfare. His birth parents later married (after his adoption) and he has a full sister, but he steadfastly refused to even meet with his birthfather. And I don't think it was the money. So in addition to being extremely talented, wealthy, and a cad, he was also hard hearted and unforgiving to the end.

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