Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why is President Obama so anti-life?

Obama has failed miserably in many areas, but one promise he kept was about approving more embryonic stem cell lines, even though by the time he became president, adult stem cells were the gold standard. "As president, I will lift the current administration’s ban on federal funding of research on embryonic stem cell lines created after August 9, 2001 through executive order ..." The National Institutes of Health continues to waste more taxpayer funds on destructive embryo research adding more lines. What does Obama have against the unborn that he is so Hell bent on destroying them?

Two very famous men of our time, Barack Obama and Steve Jobs, were born to very young, unwed mothers (who eventually married their birth fathers, although Obama's father being a Muslim was already married.). It was not an auspicious beginning, but Jobs was adopted and Obama was essentially raised by his grandparents. Neither faced poverty, want or lack of love and they went on to achieve the highest in politics and wealth that our current culture offers (although not in spiritual matters--and that's what counts in the end as Jobs has discovered).

So it puzzles me that two men who should be grateful for life itself are so careless about their own responsibilities. Jobs denied his out of wedlock child for years, putting mother and child on welfare, and Obama is the most virulently relentless advocate for killing the helpless unborn that we've ever had in any branch of government, federal or state. One is left to wonder if deep down there isn't some pool of self-hatred and lack of self-worth that they, particularly Obama, would demand such power over others' lives.

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