Thursday, May 11, 2006

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If you are 60+, your left arm probably looks a little older than your right arm. For you youngsters, that's because in the "olden days" automobiles didn't have air conditioning, at least not the ones we drove in our teens and twenties when most of the sun damage happens. So we steered with our right hand, casually laid our left arm on the open driver's side window, with perhaps the index finger touching the steering wheel (if you're reading this across the pond, this will probably be reversed). Consequently, your left arm got a lot more sun and wind burn than your right. Pause to reflect: I'm sure Murray will correct me on this and say that the index finger controlled the car and the right arm was around his girl friend of the moment.

Or at least I thought this about my own arms as I was smearing on my Peaches and Creme this morning. So I counted brown spots, aka age spots (I'm retired and have time to do this). I have about 10 tiny spots on my right arm (if you are a Caucasian gardener or a golfer, your entire arm is probably a brown spot). My left arm is about the same but it has a slightly splotchy look, like there might be dozens of baby brown spots ready to bloom. It had one large spot which I had removed 2 weeks ago which still looks extremely mad that it got burned off. It wasn't precancerous the doctor said, just an ugly brown spot.

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murrayT said...

Your memory and observations regarding my method of driving are correct Norma. The ability to drive a car with your right arm around your date is a lost art form. It could be considered a prelude to foreplay which most of us recognize as the necessary route to a satisfactory relationship. The split or bucket seat in today's automobile has greatly hampered the ability to progress towards the ultimate goal.

Actually, when you stop and think about it, the split seat design could be considered the automobile industry's contribution towards birth control.

As far as the concern about the imbalance of exposure from the sun to the left arm...I solved that by buying a convertable!