Wednesday, May 17, 2006

2478 What I don't understand about safety

I'm just saying, does this make sense to you, because I don't get it.

No one has died from exposure to DDT. But millions die every year in the third world from malaria which could be virtually eradicated by DDT spraying of standing water.

Pain medications that help millions are pulled off the market and the drug companies are sued if a couple of elderly men die of a heart attack while taking them. This leaves millions to live a life of disability from chronic pain.

No one seems able to decide if HRT is safe for menopausal women. Meanwhile a few million of them wish they were dead or are so depressed from lack of sleep they could qualify for disability.

Illegal immigrants are bringing virulent strains of TB into the food prep areas of our restaurants, and to the crowded houses and apartments they are sharing with other "undocumented" folks, some children in our schools, but we're getting movies and warnings about birds who also ignore our borders.

Bariatric surgery has a rather high morbidity and mortality rate (in my opinion), and even higher for the duodenal switch. Diet drugs disappear from the market if studies show a few random heart attacks or strokes. Why not this surgery for weight loss which is becoming increasingly popular?

Artificial fingernails are a cesspool of germs in every study. Why do you still see women with them in hospitals, clinics, veterinary facilities and food prep areas?

Taking a wild guess, I'd say, "follow the money." If there is no drug company to sue, safety is a lower priority for protest groups.

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