Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday Memories--the lost beds

Have I ever told you about our lost and missing beds?

No one noticed they were gone. Until sometime in 1987. We were planning where our house guests would sleep. Then we noticed. We had lost or misplaced many beds.

What happened to our "marriage bed" is anyone's guess. We don't remember where we got it, or where it went, but when we moved from our honeymoon apartment in Indianapolis in 1961 to Illinois, the bed didn't make the trip. When we moved from Maude's furnished room in Urbana to the apartment in Champaign on Third Avenue, we brought over a grandmother‘s bedroom suite with a lumpy and saggy mattress. After the baby was born in 1961 we splurged and spent $60 on a new box springs and mattress from the Champaign Mattress Factory. Did those delivery fellows haul the old one away?

That new "ortho" bed moved to our first house, the White Street duplex with us, and later grandma’s furniture went to Tamara and Sasha (who drank too much) when we bought our lovely oiled walnut set (which we still have). Mom and my sister came on visits so we bought an orange daybed that sort of looked like a couch. It was terribly uncomfortable. Later my brother came and took the crib and dresser for his baby, Amy. The last time I saw the dresser it was around 1984 in Florida. Our baby’s plaid pram with the folding mattress went to the guy who also bought my trombone.

When we moved from White Street to Charles Street, we had an extra bedroom. We bought another double bed mattress set from the mattress factory. The orange daybed moved to Charles Street and then back to White Street (which we kept as a rental property) when we decided to rent the second floor apartment out as a furnished place. Only one double bed went with us to Columbus, Ohio in 1967, so one of them must have gone to the apartment for the renters.

After being in Columbus about 3 weeks, we bought a king size bed from a mattress factory and put the other one in the second bedroom of our apartment on Farleigh Road. Later the top mattress was damaged in the move from the apartment to our house on Abington Road in 1968 (where we lived for 34 years). It got so lumpy from the broken springs that in 1974 I purchased two long twin top mattresses from Lazarus. I have no idea where the King size top mattress went.

Meanwhile, two more baby cribs and a port-a-crib were purchased. The red one was given away to a welfare mother. We still have the green crib and the port-a-crib was finally put in a yard sale last year. For some reason I've been anticipating grandchildren all these years and didn’t let go of those cribs.

25 years later in a truck bed

When the children outgrew the cribs, we bought bunk beds for one and used the double bed (mattress factory #2) for the other. We also bought folding single bed for guests. It was used maybe three times; we sold it to my friend Susan, who later also bought the bunk beds when our son outgrew them. With no place for company to sleep, we bought a couch that converts to a queen size bed around 1978. It was in the family room for years and then was given away around 1993.

We bought our daughter a queen size waterbed with under bed storage and a bookshelf headboard when she was a teen. We sold her old bed to the person who answered the ad for the dresser that matched the red crib that went to the welfare mother. We also bought a soft sided waterbed in 1983 for ourselves. We gave our son one half of the king size bed (whose box springs came from the mattress factory and the mattresses from Lazarus) and gave the other half to his friend George (who changed his name to Stuart after a rock star).

When our daughter graduated from high school in 1986 she moved out and took her waterbed. A whiz at packing, she stuffed it all in the back of a Ford Fiesta. Only the crack in the dining room ceiling remained. I bought a navy blue pull out couch and put it in her empty room. Then our son graduated in 1987, moved into his own apartment and wanted his bed (the one-half of our king size). That left his room empty. Meanwhile our daughter, following a family tradition, lost her waterbed in a move to another apartment. So we gave her the navy blue couch around 1990 and she got rid of it in 1994 (how I don‘t know).

I inherited my parents’ maple bedroom suite in 1990 (which had been at Mom's retreat center in Franklin Grove, IL) and that went into our son’s empty room for a few years and then traveled up to the Lake house when I converted his bedroom to my office. Since we already had 2 beds in the Lake house guest room, there was some swapping and donating done. My friend Helen got one. Friends at the Lake gave us a wonderful old style metal double bed with mattress for our daughter’s room in Columbus. I painted it green to match the dresser that matched her baby crib which was in storage. In 2001 we replaced that mattress giving it to our son who had separated from his wife and needed a bed for his bachelor apartment. When they reconciled, he dumped that bed. We replaced our water bed (I have no idea where it went) and bought a queen size mattress set after trying out two others and rejecting them. The faithful old army cot purchased in 1961 and rarely used was sold in our daughter's garage sale in 2001.

My parents’ maple twin set (from Illinois) has come back to Columbus from the lake and the metal bed is back at Lakeside from which it came in our guest room.

Would you believe we had to borrow a bed from our daughter when we put the house on Abington up for sale in 2001 so one bedroom would look right?

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Joan said...

Yea! I'm first. I wish my memory were as keen as yours. This was fascinating reading.

Norma said...

Actually, my memory isn't that great. I wrote the first version of this around 1989, then as we'd lose a bed, I'd add another paragraph.

Renee Nefe said...

Hummm...we still have all of our beds. When I met DH he had two twin beds from his old bedroom. Darly now uses one and the other is in my sewing room as a back up guest bed. Our first bed is in the guest room and our second is in the Master needs to be replaced as you can see the sags where DH & I sleep. DH wants a sleep number bed and I want something good. So we have to go shopping.

YellowRose said...

I love this memory! It reminds me so much of my in-laws!! lol

My WW is up!

Mrs. Cranky Pants said...

Great memory. Thanks for sharing it.

purple_kangaroo said...

That's hilarious, LOL. We actually only own one bed and the crib-sized mattresses at our house. The two guest beds and both twin beds are on loan from my parents. So maybe you loaned some of them out or gave them away without remembering them?

Anonymous said...

This sure was an unusual memory, I never thought it could be so itneresting reading about! But I guess it can - if it's well written the subject is of no importance!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is alot of beds! That's great that you are saving the cribs for your grandchildren. I think I'm gonna do the same. :o)

Sparrow said...

Hehehe, that's a lot of beds! The orange daybed reminds me of a bright orange couch with a hide-a-way bed that we still have.

My MM is up.

Chelle Y. said...

That was a great "memory." It's late, but I finally have mine up now.

Roofing said...

I love your background! Awesome!