Monday, May 22, 2006

Call your Senators right now!

Don't wait! I have just phoned the Columbus offices of Senators DeWine and Voinovich and told them I do not want to have our country overwhelmed by millions of immigrants as S.2611 will do.

Read American Daughter.

"The Senate is poised to pass S. 2611 this week, the giant amnesty bill that would change the demographics of our country and start us on the slide into rampant crime, drug culture, and third world poverty. Every thinking American is needed at this moment to phone, fax, or visit their United States Senators and oppose this legislation."

She links to the phone numbers.

Numbers USA provides these 10 years estimates:
20 million — Frist's bill (S. 2454)
25 million — McCain/Kennedy bill (S. 1033)
31 million — Senate Judiciary bill (no #)
32 million — S. 2611 (now on Senate floor, based on the Hagel/Martinez bill)

Remember the CIRA (S.2611) is conservatively 103 million immigrants in 20 years, according to Heritage Foundation research. Only about 20% of those will be "guest workers" the rest are their relatives and children. And they are stealing our Social Security with the blessings of the Congress!


Renee Nefe said...

There was an article in Sunday's Denver Post about how world birth rates are dropping, but that in the US we are holding our own at the desired 2.1 because of latino families. That it is desireable to have a 2.1 birth rate to replace every man and woman in the workforce.

I don't agree that this is going to be helpful.

Norma said...

Well, 193 million immigrants, all from one country (the 20% increase figure), could replace the babies we've aborted, I suppose. Mexico seems to be wanting to get rid of its darker skinned, less educated citizens while at the same time taking in the money they send home so they don't have to revitalize their own economy.

Randy Kirk said...

I'm shocked that you are buying into this number. It is such poppycock. No matter how we may all feel about the details of the immigration issue, we should try to stay real. The total population of Mexico is only 100,000,000. There is a point at which folks will not come. Will that be 20,000,000? 30,000,000? I don't know. Would those numbers be acceptable? Maybe, maybe not. But lets look at real numbers and let the debate begin. Then, we can institute program or policies to try and limit the number.

I'm really becoming sad about the Right's position and approach on this issue. We're using the tactics and the lack of logic usually associated with the Left.

Norma said...

Randy, are you counting the spouses, dependent children, adult children, aunts and uncles, and parents of the "guest workers" and the illegals who become legal with amnesty. They are all allowed under the Hagel/Martinez Bill. Today's WSJ uses similar projections.