Friday, May 26, 2006

Business interests, Democrats and Unions

They got what they wanted out of the Senate--S.2611 passed. The Democrats and Republicans who actually need to be responsive to the voters, weren't for it. They'll need to be reelected. It is a really ugly, ugly coalition. In 1986 it was the agricultural interests--now it's the Chamber of Commerce and other business interests. Republicans who are not up for reelection must have their sticky fingers in investments that will benefit. They don't need to worry about their Social Security, which theft of will be forgiven under this plan, because they are exempt and get to have a private plan. The Democrats need a permanent underclass in this country or they can't get elected. They need new ways and new folks to make tax transfers to. The unions have been losing numbers and strength for years and need a transfusion. And the Republicans have sold their soul for a mess of pottage.

There's even some in this mix, and I hope they are few, who don't want to interrupt the flow of drugs into this country, but I don't know what to call them--old fashioned criminals?

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