Friday, February 05, 2010

The Addiction Report

Here's an odd site to stumble into--The Addiction Report, with Tiger getting almost a perfect score. I was following a different lead--why 40 years after the current women's movement began major news stories are all about men especially athletes (9 headlines) when I came across this one on addiction, featuring Tiger Woods. Pretty interesting. If you've known any addicts or attended any 12 step programs, you've heard about the cross addictions, risk taking behavior and rage incidents.
    "Read and learn through real life Runners Up for Stories of the Month from Doug Thorburn's January-February 2010 Thorburn Addiction Report, which can also be accessed at

    Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods, involved in a 2 a.m. accident that seemed inexplicable, until the world learned of:

    (1) his serial adultery with more than a dozen women (sexually compulsive; borrowing the methodology from Drunks, Drugs & Debits, 50% odds of alcoholism),

    (2) the fact that he seems to have met most of these women in nightclubs and that most if not all of the women appear to be "party" girls (addicts often hang out with addicts; by itself probably 20%, but add 20% of the remaining 50%, or 10%; see "enablers of the month" below for the luscious details),

    (3) that with at least two of the women he not only didn't use condoms, but didn't even ask if the women were using birth control (signs of a sense of invincibility and unnecessarily reckless behaviors; 50% by itself, but, sticking to the methodology, add 50% of the remaining 40%, or 20%),

    (4) reported tantrums on the golf course (rage; by itself, 50%, but we can't go over 80% without proof of addictive use; so this simply provides more evidence that the odds of addiction are at least 80%),

    (5) a report that he "had been drinking alcohol" before the incident (evidence of addictive use when combined with a misbehavior such as possible DUI; we've now exceeded 80% odds), and

    (6) prescriptions to Ambien and Vicodin (which puts the odds of addiction at well over 90%). The fact that one of his mistresses reported he likes to have "Ambien sex" suggests he combines drugs, which with serial unethical behaviors ups the odds of psychotropic drug addiction and, therefore, an explanation (but emphatically not an excuse) for his extra-marital misbehaviors, to nearly 100%--or close enough to make runner-up for top story rather than merely "under watch" (whose denizens display behaviors suggesting 80% odds of addiction, but no greater due to the absence of proof of addictive use)."
But like the aide who covered for John Edwards' spooky behavior and make-believe liberalism, you do have to wonder about what was wrong with all the other golfers and hangers-on, friends, trainers and coaches, sports writers, doctors and club owners who watched all this and kept quiet. But having enablers around them, is also part of the scenario, and if you throw in a huge pot of money and a sense of power, you've got a very toxic mix more addictive and explosive than any drink ever could be.

And by the way, one of those nine stories actually was a woman--the death of Casey Johnson, daughter of Jets owner and heiress of the Johnson and Johnson fortune--a sad conclusion that the news is still all about men and sports.

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