Thursday, February 11, 2010

Someone thought this was a clever logo

I don't. I remember when you didn't dare mess with it. It stands for Quarter to Semester Update. Ohio State uses the quarter system, now it's converting to Semester. When you glance at this logo you think it's OSU, or Ohio State University (or Oregon State University or Oklahoma State University, etc.) It's a big job--and has been discussed, and voted down for years. There are advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage is 85% of colleges and universities use some form of the semester system.
    Advantages and Disadvantages of Specific Calendars

    Reports from the University of California at Davis and Ohio State University that examined the merits of calendar system use addressed the issue of quarter versus semester system advantages and suggested the following. Some of the advantages of the semester calendar cited are that: (1) it provides an opportunity for more thorough examination of subjects, research assignments, and term papers; (2) it increases time spent in each course, making it possible to receive in-depth learning and a better opportunity for students to "rebound" from a poor start in a course;(3) it promotes greater interaction between faculty and students; (4) it reduces the tendency towards course fragmentation; and (5) for transfer students, it offers greater compatibility with other institutions' calendars and curriculums.

    Some advantages cited in favor of the quarter system include its ability to: (1) afford departments greater flexibility in providing course offerings and availability; (2) allow students increased flexibility in selecting majors and arranging class schedules; (3) allow fundamental, introductory courses to be offered more frequently, making scheduling easier and classes smaller; (4) allow students to receive instruction from more instructors; (5) provide opportunities to retake failed courses sooner; (6) allow students who miss terms to resume college enrollment sooner; and (7) provide more opportunities for students to drop in and out, possibly shortening time-to-degree for part-time and transient students.


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