Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Wexner Center on Google Earth

I don't understand how Google Earth works, but here is the Wexner Center on the campus of The Ohio State University.
    To create a model in Google SketchUp (which is primarily used for concept sketching) is a test, especially for a building like the Wexner Center. Diagonal axes, broken forms, and exposed scaffolding, just to name a few, provide enormous challenges.
Yup. That pretty much describes this buidling. Post modern, ugly as sin, and anti-people. Here's what I had to say about this building about four years ago during a big renovation.
    "The Wexner Center didn't work from the get-go and the $15.8 million upgrade (on our dime) should be laid at the feet of the review committee that selected this design from a competition that would have served our campus better with a far more practical and beautiful building suited for our climate and geography." Link

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