Sunday, February 07, 2010

Bovine End Product

A response to a discussion on learning from President Obama’s speeches to improve your own abilities, at Higher Ed Morning dot com.
    “Mr. Obama is, at the very least, a very facile speaker. What offends my sensibilities is the monotonous overuse of what I would call cheap rhetorical tricks (e.g.: "There are those who say-" leading into a classic straw man argument; "Let me be perfectly clear-" leading into obfuscatory weasel-wording; among other offenses, including false dichotomies, illicit redefinitions, et cetera). Yes, other Presidents have been poor speakers, but I'm sorry - after the umpteenth hearing of a rhetorical catchphrase, it begins to grate. Out here in Flyover Country, most of the citizens Mr. Obama has been trying to persuade have long ago learned to dismiss his arguments as, if I may be forgiven the Bowdlerization, "Bovine End-product."“
Note: My spellcheck still tries to change “Obama” to “Osama.”

And from Murray, who would be in Flyover Country if he weren't playing golf in Florida, on the repetitious speeches:
    "When Obama speaks it doesn't matter whether it's his State of the Union address, speaking to the Republican or Democratic caucuses, at a town hall meeting or news conference, the SELLING is exactly the same. One campaign speech fits all. Without fail he always blames the Bush administration for the economy and then picks his latest enemy and demonizes them. He always tries to "sell" HIS health care bill plus HIS cap & trade. When the Republicans invited him for a question and answer meeting, what does Obama do? He gives them a start off speech where he both scolds and ridicules them! Now remember, this is the guy who campaigned on bringing the two parties together including the whole world. When questioned about his promise to not have lobbyists in his administration (he has 40) he corrected that by saying he meant there are none in a advisory position. (He must have misspoke.) Well, that's a lie anyway because 3 of those 40 lobbyist do advise!


Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
Today I listened to Obama urge his Democrats on by telling them that he was going to "fight on" regarding healthcare. He went on to say they should ignore the polls, the resistance and continue the fight. Now, isn't that the same as telling them to ignore their constituents?

Norma said...

Works for me!