Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Registered voters for Obama--illegally

Still working hard for Obama and the Democrats, studying Muslim cultures at Oxford. I see he has a Facebook page. Don't think I'll "friend" him. A very temporary resident and voter in Columbus--just long enough to register voters.
    "The house on Brownlee according to Malkin contains out of state folks here only long enough to register others, and vote absentee. They are Marc Gustafson, Heather Halstead, Daniel Hemel, Jen Kyle and Greg Nolan. Nice, clean cut looking Ivy League type kids (except Gustafson and Halstead (a couple?) are no kids) working for non-profits, government and businesses, all here to steal our election. Two Truman scholars and two Marshall scholars. Tell me again, Heather MacDonald what exactly you don't like about Sarah Palin's small town, western values and ethics? I'd put her up against these moral midgets any day." My blog, Oct. 15, 2008

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