Monday, February 15, 2010

More snow--probably a February record

We're supposed to get about 9", although depending on whether you're north or south of Columbus, your inches will vary. I have a feeling I'll be drinking coffee at home tomorrow. Children around here went to school last Thursday, after being off 3 days due to weather and/or ice or cold, then Friday the teachers had a meeting and today, Monday, is a holiday. I'm guessing they'll all close tomorrow--Columbus already has. Parents must be going stir crazy. Many were kids during the blizzard of 78, so it's pay back time.

One bad winter doesn't make "climate change," but all the news about lost data, damaged reputations and moved weather stations isn't going well for the IPCC--and there never was a consensus. Just greedy politicians moving ahead with regulations and rubbing their palms in anticipation of the riches of carbon credits. The science definitely isn't settled. There have been massive cover-ups, see Mark Sheppard.

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Anonymous said...

Thurs was a waste. Kids hyper. V-day parties.