Friday, February 05, 2010

Chef-O-Nette in Tremont Center

Our apartment on Farleigh

We moved to the Columbus area in late June of 1967. I had taken a position as a cataloger of Russian materials at The Ohio State University Libraries, and my husband had been hired as a draftsman at Urban, Calabretta and Lewis downtown. After unpacking a few things at 2120 Farleigh Road that first evening, we walked through a neighbor's drive way through a gate and into an alley where we found a small shopping center and the Chef-O-Nette restaurant. (We were so unfamiliar with the area I didn't know we weren't living in Columbus). Best food in town. I recommend the Hangover and the tapioca. For many years I was an early morning regular at the second bay. To sit at the first bay was like sitting in the wrong pew in church. Our bay even had parties at private homes we knew each other so well.

I found this video on a Chef fan page on Facebook.

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