Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Hot Wheels went to Haiti

It's not that I had a large collection--eight still in their wraps. I never joined a club. My nephew Ron gave me two dups from his large collection some years ago, and I still have those. But really, I was never going to do anything with these. So we packed them carefully in my husband's bag, and I hope he's found some boys in Haiti that would like them.

I've been amazed at the creative collectors I've found on the internet. Ugly sock puppets; pillowcases for soldiers; fruit labels; fountain pens; old musical records about prisons; tons of stuff our mothers threw away, and then there's that whole social networking thing where you collect friends.

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Norma said...

I asked my husband last night (call from Haiti) how he was doing with the Hot Wheels, and he said he was just handing them out to young boys as he saw them. Always a lot of people waiting in lines.