Thursday, February 04, 2010

Rush, Rahm and the R-word

Media Matters and lefty journalists fall for Rush's phony outrage every time! I think it's just a way for all concerned to boost their ratings and then they all go out for a beer and chuckle at all their listeners/readers who flush and rage.

Yesterday Rush had a longer than necessary monologue about Rahm Emanuel calling members of his own party F-ing Retards. Well, as you can imagine, this didn't go over well with people who look out for our citizens with special needs--people who have a bully pulpit and a personal interest like Sarah Palin who's youngest child has Down's Syndrome. But, as usual, Rush just couldn't let it go and went on and on, using the R-word, stopping to say it was Rahm's term, not his. Nevertheless, now the lefties say Palin should smack Rush around for using "retard" even though he was clearly referring to Rahm. So today, he's on it again, this time with the number of times "retarded" is used in the current health care legislation (I'd wondered about that myself) and Obama's use of the word in his autobiography. For some reason, Rahm promised he will get the offending word removed from all legislation.

I don't know how old Emanuel is, but I first noticed "retard" being used casually as a joking pejorative and put down in the early 80s. Kids have been saying it for years. And I agree with Governor Palin, that no public official would be shouting "nigger" at people he disagreed with, and it's time for Emanuel to clean up his language. Also, I've long believed that men that scream "fuck" as a verb, adjective and adverb, are doing so to intimidate women, not men. Nothing about the F bomb though in the media outrage. That's apparently OK.

Rahm Emanuel is known as having the biggest, meanest, filthiest garbage mouth in government. Someone should wash his mouth out with soap and not just for being out of step with current acceptable language.


Anonymous said...

It's almost getting old: a Democrat makes a verbal faux pax at some gathering, Rush than blares it out for all to notice on his show, and the slow-to-catch-on media picks up on the Rush version, forgetting to credit the original source. He did the same thing with the 'Magic Negro' quote, and Reid's 'light skinned' and 'sounds Black, when he wants to' comments. It's all pretty amusing for Limbaugh fans, but not sure the rest of the public gets the joke.

Norma said...

Catching it is fine; but throwing it for a half hour gets a bit thin.