Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Job killers in the second stimulus

If you needed any additional evidence that Obama has no intention of rescuing the economy, that it's right where he wants it:
    "The Las Vegas Sun reported this weekend that big labor leaders are pushing to include their long-sought "card check" provisions into Obama's Second Stimulus. This legislation would effectively end a worker's right to fight unionization through secret ballot elections, would give the federal government the power to run small businesses and would cost the American economy thousands of jobs.

    The other major provisions of Obama's second stimulus are also job killers. The $5,000 new worker tax credit does not create any incentive for already-struggling companies to begin long-term hiring. What's worse, it could even increase unemployment; companies would delay existing plans to create jobs so they could take advantage of the tax credit. And it would add to our national debt. Then there's the TARP-funded government-subsidized loans for small businesses. It's a big-government program destined to fail since the Small Business Administration has a terrible record of effectively allocating capital to the private sector." Morning Bell
It isn't that he's stupid about free markets and what it takes to turn this around--lower taxes and less regulation and interference by the federal government--it's that he knows exactly what works. That's why he won't do it.

There is another sector growing besides the federal government in this economy--lobbyists.


Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
Norma you're correct when you say Obama isn't stupid. He knows exactly what he's trying to do and so far he's been far more effective than I could have imagined. His agenda is to destroy our great country from within. The destruction that he's orchestrated is more than enough for someone to bring up the word "impeach". But it won't happen. Why? Because he's black! He's obviously created more damage than a soiled dress.

Norma said...

Unfortunately, when tax rates are lowered, more taxes are taken in. That goosed the economy during the Bush years, and the result was, the government--federal, state and local--went on spending sprees adding programs and jobs that now have to be funded. Every time we decide not to eat out, or not to remodel, or not to buy a new car, that hurts someone else down the line, and the government responds to the loss of taxes by raising taxes. They are either dumb, insane, or hell bent on destroying the country.