Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Earthquake awakens Chicago suburbs this morning

About 4 a.m. central time a 4.3 earthquake awakened the suburbs.
    The USGS listed these major population centres distance from the early morning 4.3 earthquake February 10 2010.

    * 6 km (4 miles) WNW (292°) from Virgil, IL
    * 8 km (5 miles) E (94°) from Sycamore, IL
    * 8 km (5 miles) N (1°) from Maple Park, IL
    * 14 km (8 miles) ENE (67°) from DeKalb, IL
    * 35 km (22 miles) NW (315°) from Aurora, IL
    * 77 km (48 miles) WNW (282°) from Chicago, IL


Anonymous said...

I felt it last night. I am not a good sleeper and my bed moved! One of my prints on the west wall was not straight this morning but that could have been from the dog jumping on my bed to look out the window at the snowplows. They rumbled past all night. However,I was the only one that seems to realize something was happening the others in the house felt nothing.. I guess you had to be awake. After Haiti this really scares me. Illinois

Norma said...

I thought a helicopter had landed on our roof about 1 a.m., but it was the condo crew showing up to blow the snow.

Soapbox Jill said...

Hmmm. We don't need a New Madrid to quake this week when we've got Ahmadinejad's "big surprise" for the West supposedly coming tomorrow.