Thursday, February 11, 2010

Text messaging won't last

I'm going through some old boxes of cards and letters looking for valentines to use. Found some 20-30 years old. One was hand-made by one of my children, but I can't tell which one. Hint to moms: I know you think you'll remember, but jot the name on the back anyway. And I came across a 1951 letter from a friend. We'd moved (15 miles) and she was missing our friendship. No text message will ever last 60 years like this pencil and note paper plea. Today's children will not be able to get misty eyed or chuckle over life's little problems of 60 years ago.
    "You've just got to come up Xmas vacation and keep me company before I crack up. Because you are my very dearest friend and even if you lived 111,912,345,678,910,000,000,000 miles away you'd be my best friend.

    You come up Xmas vacation and tell each our troubles and cry on each others shoulders.

    Your friend till eturnity."

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