Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Left overs tonight

Chicken fettuccini primavera. That's what I'm calling it. So sue me. I was enticed to buy a package of "tuna helper" or something like that at the store yesterday. I'd already cooked some chicken breast and needed to use it up, so I combined them. Made enough for an army. He said it wasn't too bad. But really. I felt sort of silly. You don't save any time with these mixes and I usually have all the ingredients. Then today at the "parent page" of my blog, Cutest Blog on the Block, I saw an ad for "quick recipes" and found these lovely photos of Italy, and this. So I'll just chop up a few broccoli florets, some pepper and carrots, mix in a little more milk, and we'll be good to go.

The snow has stopped for now, and it's just beautiful, as long as we're in here and it's out there. But it is suppose to return tonight. Exercise class and morning Bible study cancelled. The plow boys have been by. Love condo living! That drive-way on Abington (34 years) was a killer.

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Anonymous said...

Just printed the recipe--sounds great!! Thanks. Sounds like lots of snow up your way!! Cold for Florida. Jerry