Thursday, February 04, 2010

Gays in the military and other hot, hot issues

Some of my views aren't shared with other Conservatives; that's because we don't have to march lock step like the Liberals. For instance, I think Ohio's drug sentencing laws are too harsh; I think there is an advantage to medical marijuana over more harmful "legal" drugs and it should be legally prescribed by doctors; and I think gays should be allowed to serve openly in the military. But the rules will need to be just as strict for men who sexually and verbally harass men as they are for men who harass women. If a gay soldier causes a problem within the unit in which he/she serves, he's history. If a straight soldier can't accept that a gay guy will be watching his back, he's history. And none of that nonsense about victim perception. Let's not have careers and reputations ruined by hearsay and innuendo. The idea that today's young adults can't serve together in the military despite differences in sexual orientation when they've been taught nothing else but acceptance and kum-ba-yah since pre-school would mean an absolute failure of our school system. I may have my doubts about the reading and 'rithmatic, but they usually get the warm fuzzies right.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I for one am glad that the Republican caucus marches lockstep on every single piece of legislation. Sometimes you have to sacrifice principle to get things done, and our fellows understand that. Compare this to the Democratic caucus which can't agree on anything because they're all about individual "freedom" of "opinion." Idiots and losers.

P.S. Before some nit-picking lib comes along to criticize you, I think it's spelled "arithmetic," not "arithmatic." Just wanted to warn you because it's in the same sentence in which you're mocking reading teachers and some Demonrats would have a field day with that.