Monday, February 15, 2010

Amy Bishop and "true crime"

Mysteries and crime novels are not for me. "True crime," written like fiction telling more than the writer could possibly know, is more interesting. Will Amy Bishop's story make good "true crime?" She murdered or critically wounded her P & T committee at the University of Alabama, Huntsville. What little we know of her story is almost too bizarre, as are the hints, missteps, and keystone cops in her sad history.

She had wanted Harvard, and was cut from the team early in the game. U.S. News ranks Harvard as #1 (other rating systems have it much lower), and University of Alabama at Huntsville isn't rated (although it's much higher in other systems). Is it a stretch to imagine that she considered her university, her committee beneath her? That they were lucky to have her?

Getting tenure isn't just about execellent, ground breaking research, or a list of publications in peer review journals. It's about being able to work with a group of people whose own advancements in their field will be tied to yours. She wanted Harvard, and someone saw through her. She moved on, and they noticed something strange too. Probably from day one. Or so it will say in the book.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like her husband is just about as strange--he didn't think anything unusual about her wanting to go to a shooting range, and never asked where she got the gun.

Anonymous said...

She is also far left in her politics, which has nothing to do with popping off your review committee, but if she were right wing, the press would be all over that inconvenient fact.

Anonymous said...

The killing of her brother and the police response read like an episode of "Desperate Housewives". Unbelievable!