Sunday, February 07, 2010

Tebow Super Bowl Commercial

And to think the pro-abortion people got their shorts in a knot over this!


Anonymous said...

50 million Americans. . .who could be
1) paying medicare
2) paying social security
3) scientist, engineers, astronauts, teachers, doctors, nurses, generals and infantry, car mechanics, singers and worshippers, preachers and even politicians, doing the jobs that "Americans won't do"... See More
4) finding cures, inventing new technology, evangelizing and spreading the Good News, adopting babies and having families of their own
5) voting Republican or Democrat, Independent or Libertarian
6) Catholic, Protestant, atheist and UFO followers
7) alive making a difference in our lives...
8) sharing laughs, crying on 9/11 with us, standing up with resolve and love of country, life, liberty and G_d.

Thank you Focus on the Family and Tebow Family for reminding us what our nation has lost. One superbowl game pales in comparison to this very important message.

Joel Fletcher

credit report score said...

very well said Mr.Joel Fletcher. A very inspiring video that we must focus on our family whatever happens.. Nice Video post thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I was out of the room and missed it during the game.

Anonymous said...

Short but sweet....