Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The party of NO and the party of KNOW

The party of NO. That would be politicians and voters who support:
    No life for those children who aren't perfect or wanted; or who are inconveniently conceived; or who have Downs Syndrome; or who are the wrong sex.

    No life for the elders or parents who have outlived their usefulness to society and are gravely ill.

    No freedom of speech except their own.

    No freedom of religion except their own.

    No need for the Constitution.

    No need for trust or honesty, masquerading as moderates to get votes.

    No need for free markets.

    No need for capitalism.

    No need for investment in business.

    No need for private sector growth to employ more people.

    No need to think about unintended consequences.

    No need for border control.

    No need for military courts for terrorists.

    No respect for women politicians who didn't ride into town on their husband/father's coattails.

    No understanding of history.

    No right to decide how to use your own wealth.

    No human of greater value and worth than any animal.

    No school choice except for their kids.
The party of KNOW, on the other hand, is just about any other party--conservative, libertarian, Republican, Populist, Tea Party--who KNOWs what's going on in Washington, DC and will support candidates and legislation with their values.

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Anonymous said...

Now if your guys would pay more than just lip service to those goals, they might be worth voting for.