Friday, February 05, 2010

Hypocrite in Chief

He's already Narcissist in Chief. Glenn Beck reports he's had a photo taken with his feet on the Resolute desk and has graced the walls of the White House with hundreds of photos of himself, and has them frequently changed.
    Beck on radio: "Now, I just got a note from a friend of mine who said, Glenn, I was just in the White House for three hours. Inside, the walls are covered with 11 by 14 framed photos of the president in various activities. According to the Secret Service they are taken all of the time and changed weekly. I would estimate there are 300 photos around the White House now east and west wings, and they are changed weekly. Wow! Wow."
Now Hypocrite as well. He was probably not the all time blocker of Bush nominees, but that may have been because he was such a light weight with so little time in the Senate to do anything while running for President. The Washington Post points out some big glaring holes in his complaints about Republicans blocking his choices.
    In 2005, a year after his election to the Senate, Obama placed a hold on Susan Bodine to lead the Environmental Protection Agency office that oversees Superfund and emergency cleanup programs because the agency had missed a deadline on new regulations for lead paint exposure.

    In September 2006, Obama and Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) blocked Robert L. Wilkie's nomination as a Defense Department assistant secretary over a long-delayed Pentagon report on Midwestern wind farms.

    And Obama joined with other Democrats in October 2007 to block the nomination of Hans von Spakovsky to the Federal Election Commission. Von Spakovsky later withdrew; Wilkie and Bodine were eventually confirmed.


Anonymous said...

Quick, somebody notify Glen Beck that the desk has experienced this before. Here's the links for some pictues of W and Gerald Ford with their feet on the Resolute Desk.

"Oh, the humanity".

W's sole

Ford's sole

Anonymous said...

oh, but this is Obama!
Much worse.
Much much worse.

Norma said...

I'd put these comments in the category of what moms always say, "if all your friends drove over a cliff would you follow?" Men put feet on desks. Period. Doesn't make it good manners. If you don't follow Beck you don't know his criticisms of Bush. And Land of Cotton you'll be trashed because I don't accept racist comments here. If you get my drift.

InTheLandOfCotton said...

No, I don't get your drift. You have a very strange sense of what's racist. Delete away, at least you will have read it.

Norma said...

Yes, I read it. When people make unfounded charges of racism, I know they are in fact what they charge others with. They can only see race.

InTheLandOfCotton said...

Not that I planned on taking up your time by engaging in a long drawn out debate. But, there are a few things I would like to point out. In the comment that you deleted, I used the word many when referring to those who were bothered by Obama's color. By definition, that would not include you or any other person who has no problem with the color of a persons skin.

I have a proposal for you. I'm retired, live here in rural Ohio and nearby there's a small restaurant where a bunch of us locals show up regularly for coffee and conversation. These people are, as a rule good people, the kind of folks who would stop to help you if your car was stalled along the highway. Unfortunately many of them have, what I consider, a racists streak. I can demonstrate this easily enough, if you want to take me up on my proposal. I'll take you down to the diner a month or two before the 2012 presidential election and the two of us can listen to them talk politics. Then after that, you could let me know if you still think my remarks are unfounded.

Of course we won't even have to wait until 2012, if you can be convinced by some racial jokes. We can hear them told there almost anytime. Here's the gist of a few I've heard recently. You'll have to pardon me for not repeating them in their entirety.

Did you hear the one about the...National bird/fried chicken....White House Gardener/spade and hoe.... Obama daughters/coon dog and tree.

Maybe I'm just a little more touchy about this kind of stuff than some. But all this stuff smacks of racism as I understand it.

Norma said...

I think I know a racist comment when I hear/see one, and you've certainly cataloged a few. But in your comment you were referring to Glenn Beck, who is not a racist, and the feet on the desk wasn't a racist comment. Yours was a cheap shot, snotty and juvenile. It added nothing to the conversation. This is my blog and I'll toss what I think is inappropriate. I shudder at some of the racist remarks I hear, however, I shuddered at comments about Bush too, and also at Obama's racism and distain and dislike for most of America. He had a tremendous opportunity and he blew it.

Instead of quibbling with someone you don't know, take on the guys at the coffee shop--I do.

InTheLandOfCotton said...

You've got a surefire method for winning every debate. Have your own blog, label anything you don't agree with as inappropriate and delete it.

Censorship, a proud American tradition.