Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Clinton on the shootings

Was it just a few days ago in her best zombie impression, Clinton chastised Trump for jumping to the conclusion that an exploding trash can could be a bomb in NYC? The police hadn't announced it she solemnly intoned. One of the major media sources edited her statement after she called it a bombing. Yet yesterday at a fevered pitch she literally screamed through the airwaves about the Tulsa case, rushing to judgement condemning the policewoman before there had been any investigation and poisoning minds across the nation about the police. "We have got to tackle systemic racism," Clinton said. "This horrible shooting again. How many times do we have to see this in our country?" So she condemned the police as racists, I guess tossing them in the deplorable basket, and ignoring that most of these shootings involve whites, not blacks, but she doesn't worry about them--no political advantage.

New York bomb--be very cautious.  Might be terrorism.  Bad for campaign.

Tulsa shooting--act outraged.  Might be racism.  Good for campaign.

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