Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Their mantra: Sexist, Intolerant, Xenophobic, Homophobic, Islamophobic, Racist, Bigoted.

The SIXHIRB mantra of the Democrats. “Sexist, Intolerant, Xenophobic, Homophobic, Islamophobic, Racist, Bigoted.” (cDennis Prager) But it's been that way for years, they didn't come out with it just for Donald Trump--they said the same about Mitt Romney, and all he did was comment privately that 47% of the population wouldn't vote for him because they didn't pay federal income tax (and he was correct).  The didn't tell his rich donors that he hated half his opponents supporters and thought they were a basket of deplorables.
I subscribe to START (terrorism), and you know what? Our current government says (with PC language) scarier things about the Islamic threat than Donald Trump! I read the Congressional Research Reports--and the Mexican drug cartels and the criminals coming in are reported to Congress, so why is it racist when Donald Trump says it? Our border agency, INS has a budget of $6 billion and 20,000 employees, yet it's Trump who is wrong? I've read the government reports about the failures of major wealth transfer programs (there are 123), like Head Start, which have allowed poor Americans to stay dependent or have not accomplished their goals after 50 years. Isn't that bigotry? 
I read the USDA reports, my eyes swimming in acronyms for feeding programs for Indians, elderly, disabled, Appalachian, and school kids. It's no longer about agriculture although it's called the Farm Bill--it's about food and nutrition and changing peoples choices--$151 billion for 2017. Many in that basket of deplorables Hillary sneered at use those programs, and they want something better, but Democrats want them to stay poor. Most recipients of government food aid and rural housing loans aid white, so why are they being demonized? 70% of federal spending is for dependence programs which developed when the War on Poverty kicked in during the mid-1960s. Whoosh.  Onward and upward. But steepest increases were under Republican presidents.
And racism? I'm stunned that President Obama, who was to be the one to encourage racial harmony, (take a look at his speech in March 2008) would so agitate, whine, and opine, making race relations the worst I can remember. In 2009 he said the Boston police acted stupidly for responding to a call about a break in. The owner was trying to break into his own house--and he was a friend of Obama's. And it's been downhill sense. George Zimmerman is 1/4 black, but was called a "white Hispanic" so he could be demonized.  If black college kids were rioting and protesting under a Bush or Reagan, we wouldn't hear the end of it. After 20 years of a decrease in violent crime after the Omnibus Crime Bill of 1994 with many criminals in prison and making black neighborhoods safer, Obama decides that's racist. I could have never imagined millionaire black men, coddled and idolized since childhood for something as passing as athletic skills, would act so irresponsibly as Colin Kaepernick (who has now started a movement) and the president would be OK with it. 
We now live in a world of victims in a basket woven by haters, liberals, Democrats, politicians and their co-horts in business and non-profits like Target and Planned Parenthood.

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