Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dear Mr. Trump

Although the Republican platform is 100% better than the Democrat (which is just awful), there are things about the candidate's position I don't care for. If I could send him an e-mail . . .
I think you're wrong trying to tell American corporations where they can set up business and who they can hire. It is a global economy and investors should be able to choose. The way to bring them home to create more jobs is not to micromanage them. Taxes and unions drove them out--there must be a good way for a smart businessman to figure out an alternative. If Nabisco can make more money in Mexico, you're job is to convince them to stay. You're not running for King, Mr. Trump--we've had one of those for 8 years. 

And during the debates you need to smile more. You're not there to please your supporters. And you need a good barber for a trim. Hillary looked the best I've ever seen her Monday. Don't fall into Hillary's personal attack traps. It just stamps "sucker" on your forehead. She has a very long record of doing the wrong, illegal or immoral thing--just go for the jugular. The insults will get you no independents or undecided.
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