Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Other people's money

It should be amusing, but isn't. The liberal media and the social media are pretending that they've just found out foundations use "other people's money." It was a big story in Washington Post today.

Of course. That's the whole point of those laws. I could find a cause, like a school or clinic in Haiti, set up a 501c3 with my "wealth," and ask you to contribute. You get a tax break, after IRS approval, and I get to shelter my wealth for my family legacy.

Then my 501c3, which can't be for a political cause, could set up a 501c4 to support my ideological views. All these laws were set up by our government to protect the wealthy, especially the wealthy in government, and to buy influence. Some do a lot of good; others just launder money for return to their party. Planned Parenthood which kills the unborn (for a good cause--population control of poor and black) gets money from private donors, other foundations, and from the government, then in return, it supports those candidate, mostly Democrats, who support legal abortion. The Gates Foundation has many good projects (better to give it away than pay the government outrageous taxes), but "population control" has been one of the requirements for accepting the help in Africa. Controlling black populations, regardless of country, seems to be a liberal cause. 

However, the Clintons have something to sell; Donald Trump doesn't. Did Washington Post, which is currently investigating Trump's foundation, investigate Obama's brother Malik's foundation which had no problem getting 501c3 status from the IRS while conservative groups waited years, his "charity" seems to be funding his wives--he's a Muslim polygamist like his father.


Anonymous said...

OPM... That's what I call the Trump foundation, small as it is with it's 1.3 million and zero contributions by ConDon since 2002. And what he buys with it are golf outings for his buds and a $25,000 painting of himself to has in his atrium... And I have to laugh when you say ConDon has nothing to sell, that's all he has, his name, his steaks, his wine, his hotel rooms now at a huge discount, his fake university, his ties made in China, his suits made in Bangladesh. And space in his tower and FL property at only a premium price to his campaign. Go ahead and buy some of his wares,,,,

Norma said...

This is hilarious. You're supporting the biggest crook ever in government and you're griping about Trump's foundation which hasn't accepted huge payments from foreign governments to buy influence with the U.S. government. She mid-wifed the current mess in Syria and has made millions giving "speeches." We've all heard her speak, and I wouldn't pay $5.00.