Friday, September 09, 2016

Government controls through grants

For-profit prisons, for-profit colleges and technical schools like ITT (which was just forced to close when it lost government student loans) and private for profit charter schools are all propped up by government money. And so are many church social service programs, including those run by Catholics, Methodists, Lutherans, etc. Churches particularly are on the dole for their immigration resettlement programs. What the government gives it can take away especially if you begin to ask questions or support the wrong candidate in this election.

It's not like recidivism at state and federal prisons weren't outrageous, or that students at state universities aren't having debt problems, or that teachers union controlled public schools weren't graduating students not ready for the work force.

So while the federal government pulled out student loans causing a for profit college (ITT) to close without notice and thousands of students are left dangling, many with loans to repay, Bill Clinton gets $18 million as "honorary" chancellor at a for profit college. There really should be riots in the streets over this. There's no evidence that Laureate's business model is any different than ITT (totally dependent on government loans) and its connection with the Clintons allowed it to go global.(Owner is a donor to the Clinton Foundation).

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