Thursday, September 22, 2016

Connecting the EpiPen dots

 David Meyers continues to look at the EpiPen story.  He's a Columbus writer about local historical sites and cultural events.


FACT: Heather Bresch is the CEO of Mylan Specialty, the drug company that raised the price of EpiPens 450% over the past dozen years. She rose to that position in 2012, after starting out in the mail room in 1992. She received a $16M pay raise for her efforts.

FACT: Heather Bresch lied that she had obtained an MBA from West Virginia University. The school then faked documents to support her claim. In 2008, WVU President Mike Garrison was forced to ...resign as a result of the scandal.

FACT: Heather Bresch’s mother is Gayle Manchin. She became head of the National Association of State School Boards of Education in 2012. She spearheaded the effort to require schools to purchase EpiPens – a possible violation of anti-trust laws.

FACT: President Obama signed the EpiPen in 2013. Mylan provides a discount to schools, but only if they agree not to purchase products from a competitor. A year and a half later, Mylan moved its headquarters to the Netherlands, cutting its tax rate from 16.2% to 7.4% It now pays no U.S. taxes.

FACT: Heather Bresch’s father is Joe Manchin, senior Democratic senator from West Virginia. When he ran for the senate in 2010, Mylan Pharmaceuticals donated $127,000 to his campaign. However, he was not one of the 27 Democratic and 10 Republican sponsors of the bill. Obviously, he didn’t need to be because, well, they all look out for each other.

FACT: People will die because of the high cost of EpiPens.

Unfortunately, this is the norm in Washington. Politicians use their influence to feather their own nests all the time. And keep in mind that Joe Manchin is considered one of the good guys. Thinks of what the bad guys are up to.

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