Thursday, September 01, 2016

LIS Microaggression on Twitter

There's a Twitter site for librarians who get insulted easily, "LIS Microaggression." Apparently, if you are a white male, no one ever says ridiculous things to you.  Anyway, I've been looking through the sticky notes (which I think someone then catalogs, but I'm not sure), and truly, although librarians are 223:1 liberal to conservative, now they've completely fallen off the left edge of the cliff.  I used to read through the ALA committee assigned e-mails and wondered how they ever got their work done since they were so busy fighting the battles of the world. 
Truly, people have always said dumb things to librarians, my favorite being, "You mean you have to have an education to do this?" or "What a great job--you just sit around all day and read." Once I got a phone call from a NYC chef who wanted to know if baking blackbirds in a pie would be safe from diseases.  Another time a student from another state wanted to know how to cook the flesh off the bones of some road kill so he could reconstruct it for his science class.  

BTW, a WOC is a "woman of color."  And apparently no one ever told her in library school that your boss just might get credit for your work.  Think of it as being the speech writer for the president.

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