Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday Memories--up and down the scale

I was looking at this photo of two years ago from a Conestoga trip to Blannerhasset Island (on the river between Ohio and West Virginia). I've lost 30 pounds since then; I've given away the shirt and can now zip the vest (couldn't then). Over my adult life I've lost about 130 pounds beginning in college, but usually 20 pounds here and there (1960, 1983, 1986, 1993, 2006), and this was the most I ever had to lose and the weight gain all happened in 2011-2012 and the weight loss in early 2015. So ladies, trust me, it's not over til it's over--it will creep back. My enforced leisure right now with Bob recuperating from surgery has me eating everything that doesn't have mold.

 About six years ago I read an editorial in JAMA that recommended more government control of my (and your) eating. 

"An effective public health approach to obesity prevention will require fundamental changes in the food supply and the social infrastructure. Changes of this nature depend on more stringent regulation of the food industry, agricultural policy informed by public health, and investments by government in the social environment to promote physical activity." 

Liberals say "stay out of the bedroom" to the government, but invite it into your kitchen and dinner table. I have two nephews, Caleb Poynter and Matthew Clark, who have made amazing changes to their bodies through careful healthy eating and body strength workouts. I don't think they relied on the government to do this. I think they could both do cooking videos and upload them on YouTube.

One of my blogs is about health, but increasingly, it does focus on weight and exercise. Mindful eating

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Guess you missed the talk at LKSD about Blue Zones.