Thursday, September 22, 2016

Clinton outspends Trump

"Hillary Clinton spent $645,000 more a day than her opponent Donald Trump last month, but even with her $50 million campaign outlay, she has not been able to pull away from him in the race for the White House.
Clinton's campaign had its most expensive month to date in August, eclipsing its previous monthly high by more than $12 million. And combined, Clinton and the national Democratic Party paid out $78 million in August, while Trump and the Republican National Committee spent about $47 million.

While both candidates are raising huge sums from donors, their lopsided spending lays bare the difference in the two major party presidential campaigns. Clinton is running a conventional operation featuring multimillion-dollar ad buys and expansive voter outreach. Trump has kept spending down by enjoying seemingly limitless free media coverage and outsourcing the guts of his voter contact duties to the Republican Party."

There are some rich, greedy capitalists who seem to love the Democrats. Banks, unions, Big Pharma, probably. They’ve invested so much the last 8 years, probably don’t want to lose momentum. It’s good to cut out the competition like EpiPen did. Trump’s donors tend to be the little guy—the deplorables. And still she’s talking to airport parking lots and empty gyms. Trump usually has more people in line outside than they can get inside. I’m afraid all those ads are ending up in Ohio. But they are so repetitive. I don’t think she’s getting her money’s worth here. Really unimaginative.

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