Sunday, September 11, 2016

Colin Kaepernick sit upon protest

Colin Kaepernick didn't start this disrespect in the NFL, but he has grabbed the attention of other wannabes when they saw how easy it was to get on national TV and social media even with low stats and a floundering career. Even the president took notice.  And I've read (not fact checked) that he's converted to Islam for his #blacklivesmatter girlfriend. Interesting. For over 1,400 years Arab Muslims controlled the world slave trade and traded captured black Africans to Europeans for the trans-Atlantic horrors and sent millions of others to Europe and Asia. Women particularly were trafficked for sex before the 18th century when focus changed to labor, even as today Islamic Boko Haram steals Nigerian Christian school girls for sex and politics. Fewer than 97% of their captives made it to the North American colonies and the trade was outlawed by the Constitution within 25 years of the U.S. becoming a country. And Kaepernick has three white parents; the black one took off.

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