Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Elect Trump to get a vigilant press

Every day I glance through the Washington Post political stories. If there are eight about the campaign, seven will be anti-Trump, with no attempt to even hide it. But yesterday's beats all. Moaning and weeping that the mainstream media are perceived as biased, liberal and elitist. And it's all the fault of the mean old GOP of 40 years ago. Agnew and Nixon.

I watched a montage of Obama reporting "lone wolf" for many of the attacks on Americans by disaffected Muslims yesterday. This is probably the most common, liberal view, and heavily promoted by the media. The latest guy who planted bombs in New York and New Jersey--Ahmad Khan Rahami--well, I swing back and forth for him. Yes, he had a long running feud (many years) with the city over the family's "American fried" chicken restaurant, so perhaps he just had a grudge. But then he also had several trips back to Afghanistan and Pakistan and a lot of suspicious behavior and personal changes in lifestyle. Lots of dysfunctional family behavior, as well as being a dead beat dad. And he was outspoken about gays, which is why Chelsea area was targeted.  If the media says much about the gay connection, we know how that will be spun, and it won't be how homosexuality is a crime in Muslim countries.

Although I hadn't intended to watch Trump's Florida speech yesterday, I postponed fixing dinner to sit down and watch it. He was amazing. The audience was huge, but respectful and attentive. Then this morning I caught a brief clip of him and Clinton both mentioning the NYC bomber (the latest one)--I think hers was a press conference or speech to an empty parking lot. I could see that his very weakest, throw away line and her strongest were juxtaposed. It's not that I don't realize how every word and phrase are spun, but I do know, if Trump is elected, we will again have a vigilant, adversarial press to be our watchdog, as it should be. If Clinton is elected, we'll never know anything.

Hillary was speaking at an airport on Sunday in the same zombie voice and blaming Donald Trump for recruitment of terrorists. She stated it as fact. Again, his off the cuff words are more important than her carefully planned actions which helped create ISIS and the explosive situation in Syria from her days as Secretary of State. She even said she has "contributed to acts" and current strategy. Not a good recommendation. Stop when you're ahead, lady.  Trump has done nothing to create ISIS. I hope his ad writers are using her own words. After the 9/11/2012 Benghazi attack, Glenn Beck was scribbling all over his black board with maps on how guns were being moved to Syria to help the rebels (which didn't turn out well). But who listened to him? It's now been confirmed many times what she was doing, and that she lied under oath. Others go to jail for much less.
We don't have the details yet on the motivation of the young man who slashed people in the St. Cloud, Minnesota Mall, first asking his victims if they were Muslims. The New York and New Jersey bombings sort of pushed that to the back burner. We know ISIS has claimed him as one of their own, whether or not they trained him. But you can almost envision the headlines, "Off duty cop kills young black college student." All would be true, but without the rest of the story, which we seldom get with the hate stories about police, our media are contributing. I wish this young man really understood the terrible deeds going on within his country of birth, Somalia, where the killing isn't ethnic, isn't religious, but just about power and greed. The very movement he joined in a free country where every opportunity to live peacefully was available to him.

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