Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The parallel universe of Obama and Clinton

Campaigning for Hillary Clinton on our dime while she is recovering from an unknown illness, the President said the Republicans have a dark view of America. "This is a dark, pessimistic vision of a country where we turn against one another, where we turn against the world. They aren't offering serious solutions, they are fanning resentment, and hate. That is not the America I know." 

SIXHIRB--their method to make everyone a victim, call everyone a hater. No one has been more hateful or pessimistic than Obama's administration--he's got college kids rioting, protesting and closing down free-ways, he's got millionaire football players dissing their country, he's got an attorney general who has a tarmac meeting with Hillary's husband another who sold guns to drug dealers in Mexico, he ignores violent crime in his home town where blacks have 8x the crime rate of whites, and says we need more conversations about race, he's misjudged every move by ISIS and Putin and Assad, he says nothing about the crimes of his former Secretary of State, in fact stumps for her. . . and on and on.

He also mentioned Hillary's "experience and qualifications" linking to her travel as Secretary of State.  She mid-wifed the current crisis in Syria with gun running from Libya to support the anti-Assad rebels and created the Benghazi mess. That's not a good thing to bring up during the campaign--I'd call it passive aggressive--do they even like each other?

 She says "that's not America," (referring to half of Trump supporters who she put in a basket of deplorables speaking to rich donors Friday) and he says "not the America I know" about all Trump supporters. 

Now who's the hater?

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