Thursday, September 01, 2016

Redefining the word sex, and Title VII and Title IX

Doctors and medical experts didn't redefine the word sex; Congress didn't redefine the word sex; churches didn't redefine sex; not even Merriam Webster's Dictionary redefined the word sex. Everyone in the world knew the word sex was about biology, not about feelings, fantasies or dysphoria. But Washington bureaucrats redefined the word sex to include a made up concept of gender identity. It's time for some law suits. Time to take our country back, regulation by regulation, bureaucrat by bureaucrat, appointee by appointee. Some of you may even have to take back your churches. It doesn't stop with restrooms, locker rooms, marriage or parenting rules. No. You are going to be forced to change pronouns and be subservient to the minuscule number of people and their groupies who are mentally ill or just confused or conning you about who they are. Why would your federal government, your president, do that? For power. And for complete power forget health care--you must destroy the family.

When I was the veterinary medicine librarian at Ohio State I read a lot of human medicine material, especially since about 1/3 of our journals were not specifically about animals but about organs and systems and viruses and infections and cell biology, many shared. That's when I first came across body dysphoria, particularly people with the desire to amputate limbs or other body parts. On the internet you can find support groups for extreme anorexia--not to cure it, but to encourage it as a "right." One of my male assistants was getting counseling for his desire to become a woman, but you didn't hear much about it in the 1990s. Now, we are told believing dismembering healthy body parts is a type of "phobia" suffered by the one who believes it is wrong rather than the one who wants the amputation.

"The medical community—though not all of its members—has decided that amputating healthy breasts and testes and providing sterility-inducing cross-sex hormones constitutes medicine, while amputating an arm is quackery. Isn’t that judgmental and “transabled-phobic”?"

Before I read the article, I thought this was a male to female transgender because of his face (men have higher hair lines and longer chins), then was surprised he was also a transdisabled, or whatever it's called when you believe erroneously that you have disabilities and try to convince others.

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