Saturday, September 03, 2016

Keep your mind challenged

Just in case you think the only reason to discuss things, argue and research for a blog or Facebook is to change someone's mind,  keep in mind we’re fighting dementia! It's good for us.  Each time you shut down an idea you don't agree with or say "Oh, let's talk about something more pleasant," you might be depriving yourself of a brain boost.

College is protective by about a decade, but lifelong intellectual activities such as playing music or reading keeps the mind fit as people age and also delayed Alzheimer’s by years for those at risk of the disease who weren’t college educated or worked at challenging jobs. This is a free access article. 
Since I read it to my husband about 2 years ago, he has taken up guitar. Had zero musical training so also had to learn to read music.
At our cottage in Lakeside where we attend lectures and concerts daily.

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