Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pope Francis, what's going on?

I'm not a Catholic (I'm Lutheran), but even I know the recent decision (word? opinion? comment? letter? leak?) by the Pope about divorced and remarried Catholics (considered adultery by the church) receiving Holy Communion is going to be very divisive. 500 years ago a not so important man named Martin Luther decided to change 1500 years of church teaching, ignoring the teachings of Jesus, all the church fathers, reinterpreting the writings of Paul and eliminating some books of the Bible; and it started wars, chaos, splits, and evolved into 35,000 denominations many of which don't even call themselves Protestants (called Bible churches, or non-denominational), nor believe in the Trinity, baptism or communion. If Luther could have seen what would come of his agonized searching for peace with God, he probably would have stayed in his house and just continued translating.

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