Saturday, September 03, 2016

The Five Biggest Lies of Hillary Clinton--and that's a big stretch

The key points:
1. She cited her 2012 concussion as the reason that she cannot remember details of briefings during her "transition out of office."
2. She said she never even thought whether emails she exchanged on a future U.S. drone attack should be classified.
3. She said she thought the "C" before a paragraph indicated alphabetical order. The C actually stands for "classified."
4. She said no one ever raised concerns to her about her use of a private email server.
5. She said she could not recall any training on how to handle classified information.

She also "lost" 13 mobile phones.

" FBI Director James Comey may have decided not to indict Clinton, but the public revelation of this transcript today (Sept. 2, the day before a 3 day week-end) does a lot of damage. While you can expect most of the mainstream media pundits to pour cold water on the severity of the facts contained in them, the transcripts put the email scandal right back into the center of the news cycle. The last time that happened, Clinton's poll numbers wilted badly and it took a series of Trump missteps to reverse the decline." Jake Novak, CNBC

If Obama weren't under pressure from (God know who or what), these wouldn't have been released.  Not sure what he's angling for.  A different candidate?  A third term--because who's to stop him? Certainly not the Supremes or Congress.

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