Friday, September 16, 2016

Why charges of racism will never end--it's too lucrative

When Barack Obama was elected in 2008, I wasn't happy because I'd heard his policies during the campaign and didn't like them. There's no way to put a pretty face on socialism. The one positive, I thought, was he could finally put to rest we were a racist nation, a theme the Democrats constantly played up when civil rights laws prevented them from doing more blatant things, like supporting the KKK. We'd shown the world and all the haters in our own country that we were so over that. 

I was so wrong, as were millions of well meaning people, even Republicans, friends and family, who used that as a reason to vote for him.  He has so damaged our country, and really, Hillary's "basket of deplorables" could have been written by his speech writers (and it wasn't the first time she'd said it). In addition to racism, he's added other isms or phobias most of us had never heard of in a never ending scheme to divide and conquer. Instead of feeding the poor and visiting the sick, churches can now figure out how to use limited funds to add gender neutral bathrooms thanks to this president.

Millions and millions of dollars were at stake and both poverty and race are BIG business supporting millions of jobs, government grants and untold numbers of politicians.  If that gravy train ended, what would happen?  Never fear.  The Democrats do not want this country to become great again. Even Hillary's talk today in front of black women was a blatant appeal to keep old racial rumors and divisions alive and favoring her.  So Trump said to blacks last week,  "what have you got to lose?"  Think about it, ladies.  She offered the same old, same old hate in a basket, gift wrapped.

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