Saturday, September 03, 2016

The continuing fall of Hillary Clinton

Today's Wall Street Journal: "The Federal Bureau of Investigation waited until the Friday afternoon before Labor Day weekend to release its investigation summary and interview notes with Hillary Clinton about her private email server, and no wonder. The new information makes a hash of what’s left of the former Secretary of State’s credibility.

Mrs. Clinton is running for President as an experienced statesman, but her handling of classified material was even more reckless about state secrets and disdainful of public records laws than even we had thought. Start with her convenient memory lapses.

For example, Mrs. Clinton told the FBI that she “did not know” that the “(C)” marks on classified material meant classified and “speculated it was referencing paragraphs marked in alphabetical order.” Yet in her famous—and last—press conference about the emails in March 2015 she said, “I’m certainly well aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material.” To the public she claims to be a sharp professional who knows the score; to the FBI she presents herself as a clueless grandee who left the details to her minions."

I went on-line and looked at the testimony.  The second most stupid, next to citizens who believe her, is James Comey, FBI director who reported to us in July.  My opinion of him has really dropped.  What did she have on him?  It baffles me that intelligent, law abiding Democrats are so worried about Trump's off the cuff, non-teleprompter, silly, injudicious outbursts that have killed no one, or often repeated what Democrats said in the 90s, revealed no state secrets and put none of our spies in danger, yet they will grovel in front of this pathological (or brain injured from her fall/stroke) liar. 

Well, maybe I'm not so baffled--they desperately want Bill back in the White House turning on that charm and chasing interns. They are what they are and they won't change, especially now that they've been joined by the #NeverTrumpers.

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