Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hillary calls Trump supporters a Basket of Deplorables

Remember how the left, the Democrats, the Media (but I repeat myself) jumped all over Romney for saying 47% of the nation was dependent in some form on the government and didn't pay income tax? What he said was true; but they crucified him for it. Now we've got #BasketofDeplorables sort of what Democrats believed about blacks in the 19th century, or the Jim Crow era, or what they think of the unborn to day. Unworthy people. Not so smart people. Poor people. And she'll get away with it. Romney meant he would never change the minds of 47% because they believed the government should take care of them so he wasn't designing his campaign for them. Leftists sliced and diced this showing that many who don't pay income tax do file taxes, and do work. True, but they don't pay income tax, which is exactly what he said. Then they said, well, a lot of these people are Republicans. Also true, but he was still right. Now, how will they redeem us deplorables? By saying what she said was true.

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