Friday, February 03, 2017

A tribute to a great dad--our nephew Dan

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This is a tribute to his father, written by our great nephew Caleb (on the right, back).  Others are Jake on the left (Jacob), Dan (son-in-law), and Joshua.

 "I couldn't ask for a better father. He has never been and still to this day isn't my "friend". He is a dad and he lets it be known. My father wasn't the sensitive type. He didn't come ask about your day or make you feel perfect. He did raise me, come home everyday, be faithful to my mother and we all knew the rules. He may be a hard man but I wouldn't change it. At the end of the day he would go to war for me as I would for him. I am glad i wasn't spoon fed. At least, I knew real life and not that movie fairy tale."

Of course, the Dan we know is a hugger and kidder.  He and Joan have visited us the last two summers at the Lake and came for our 50th wedding anniversary--twice! They are super special people with always more love to share.

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