Friday, February 24, 2017

The southern border wall

The southern border wall is about 1/3 finished, was approved in bi-partisan support over a decade ago (Secure Fence Act 2006). Obama used a different method--deportation, and his administration was active in rounding up criminal aliens, but not those who had violated the law but had been law abiding after getting here, with the exception of false documents, bad checks, no driver's license, etc. There were twice as many deportations in the Obama years as the Bush years. In 2015, catching them at the... border dropped by about half, and of course, many illegal aliens went home during the recession. Since Trump's election, border crossings have gone down again. 

Still, the left rages. I believe (as do others) there is a link between abortion and border crossings. The U.S. birth rate is below replacement level and that seriously affects the social safety net that need to be paid for with workers' taxes. Because our government has approved the killing of millions the last 40+ years it now needs to find replacements who can work and pay taxes. At least in the first and second generation our African immigrants (come on a special diversity quota--over a million each decade) and the Mexican and Central American immigrants love their babies and increase our birth rate. It only takes a generation or two to reeducate them to American values.


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