Thursday, February 23, 2017

An apple a day, unless it's organic

I don’t specifically buy organic because it is so commercialized (even has special support from USDA). Organic farming uses pesticides, and more of it.  It's just a different kind. What Americans of lower income level really need is better access to food so they can eat healthier. There’s no lack of calories! I would just love to see churches supplying vans to drive people to supermarkets so their money would go further. Food pantries are great and we have many, but even walking to or taking the bus they are a long trip for many elderly and disabled who can’t work here in Columbus. Mt. Morris, IL where I grew up has a wonderful little food pantry Loaves and Fish in the basement of the Brethren church. Volunteers work very hard to keep it going. I think gardeners also donate fresh produce in the summer. Both my brother in law and my high school friend Lynne volunteer there.

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