Wednesday, February 08, 2017

The Super Bowl ads

I watched only the overtime of Super Bowl LI, and thought it was pretty exciting when I caught up on what had happened 2nd half. On Monday and Tuesday it was still being debated for non-football reasons--particularly the ads, which I didn't see--also didn't see Lady GaGa. But everything seems to be political.
 "Many Americans watch the game for the ads. Audi hectored us about the phony gender wage gap. But immigration was the dominant theme, with not one, not two but three ads ...moralizing about the issue — the one from 84 Lumber being the most heavy handed. We suspect most Americans vastly prefer to be entertained by humorous and silly commercials than ads designed to shame half the population. The same goes for the sport itself. We watch to see the clash of combatants on the gridiron, not the pouty nonsense of kneeling social justice warriors. Let’s make sports (and commercials) great again." Patriot Post, Nate Jackson, Feb. 6.
I remember when TV and magazine advertising depicted adult women for years as either complete air-heads who couldn't open a box of laundry soap without a male voice-over, or as sex objects suitable only as a clothes rack or to satisfy a man (many women's magazines still do). Now the ads show men as wimps and effeminate clothes racks, or stupid, knuckle dragging beer drinkers. And now they want to preach equality, diversity and sustainability? I don't think so.

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