Thursday, February 02, 2017

Someone named Souza commented

At the Washington Post, it's difficult to find an article that isn't anti-Trump.  But sometimes there is wisdom in the comments. I thought this one had merit to respond to another commenter at "The Democrats are babbling," by Ed Rogers on February 1.
I think calling Trump names like "raging child" disqualifies you as "thoughtful" or "reasonable". Trump is wrong on much, but minimizing his success is not reasonable and thoughtful. He dismantled the republican establishment and crushed the Clinton machine. He was systematic and effective. So what everyone should do is stop responding with craziness when he intentionally does things to make you crazy. He wins when he plays you like a broken toy.

Become analytical and unbiased...if you can. There is nothing outrageous, illegal or immoral about suspending immigration from countries raging in war and terrorism or that express a hatred for American ideals. Other dem presidents have taken similar actions and it was reasonable then to...don't go crying and screaming in the streets with nonsensical signs. Instead recognize that what is unreasonable about the Trump suspension of immigration is that there was no notice and it affected green card holders with a right to be in the USA. Focus on the real issue not the fake one that seems to get the most attention. Lots of people think Garland should have gotten a's not fair and if the table had been turned the dems would have done the same stop bashing a reasonable pick for the Scalia seat...and brace for the RBG seat fight...that is where the dems must bow their back....crying about this seat and becoming irrational could cause a rule change that will lose any chance to defend the RBG seat.

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