Thursday, February 23, 2017

College aid

I think I've found the cause of the college cost bubble: the parental financials. Required until student is 26. I heard Patrick Madrid (radio talk show) discussing the work that goes into that and couldn't believe it. He has 11 children, so I figured he would know, but I looked it up anyway. If they can infantilize college students until they are 26 making mom and dad responsible, why not charge anything they want and call the balance "financial aid?" 
Very different than "my day." I got married before my senior year in college and when Dad gave me away on that lovely September day, he also said I was someone else's responsibility. Oddly enough, the University of Illinois also decided I was an Indiana resident, because my husband was paying out of state tuition. We got that tuition problem reversed on appeal, but when I decided on graduate school, I had to borrow it from dad and pay it back. I think I even paid interest.

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